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Interested in a criminology degree? Criminology University, a part of Florida State University, offers scholarships. These can aid your education from start to finish. Whether starting or advancing your career in justice, options exist to help.

We recognize student’s financial struggles. Our aim is to aid those with talent. We offer various scholarships to lift financial hurdles. These include help for graduate students. The goal is to empower you to shape the future of criminology.

Special programs at Criminology University include the Justice Scholars and Chief Scholars. The Justice Scholars Program boosts leadership in Detroit’s justice fields. It focuses on skills like research and analysis. The Chief Scholars Program, partnering with Detroit’s Police, keeps officers updated on crime prevention.

If postgraduate studies are your goal, check out our scholarships. This includes chances for graduate teaching assistantships. These financial aids support students in master’s or doctoral programs. They make sure teaching opportunities are available to those with a passion for criminology.


Choosing criminology at our university opens numerous career paths. Our courses span topics like forensic science and sociology. You can specialize in your interests. A well-rounded criminology education prepares you to fight crime effectively.


Key Takeaways:

  • Criminology University offers scholarship programs to support students pursuing an education in criminology.
  • Financial aid is available in the form of departmental scholarships and opportunities for graduate students.
  • The Justice Scholars Program and Chief Scholars Program provide specific leadership development in justice-related professions.
  • Graduate School scholarships, including teaching assistantships, offer financial support for advanced degrees.
  • Studying criminology at Criminology University opens doors to diverse career opportunities in the criminal justice field.

Financial Aid and Departmental Scholarships

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Criminology University offers scholarships to new graduate students. These scholarships are extra to what the university offers. To apply, students use one application. For more details, contact Charles Klahm.

financial aid and scholarships

As a grad student at Criminology University, you get many types of financial aid. The department has its scholarships, plus there are university-wide options. This gives you more chances to help pay for your studies.


Using one application, you can aim for both departmental scholarships and general university funding. This way, applying is simpler and saves you time.

For info on financial aid and departmental scholarships, contact Charles Klahm. He can guide you and help with the application.

Don’t miss the chance for aid and scholarships. They can help cover your studies in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Criminology University.

Justice Scholars Program

The Justice Scholars Program at Criminology University is all about building leaders in justice fields, mainly in metro Detroit. It’s a cool chance for those who really want to change things in the criminal justice area.

Here, you learn a lot about justice research, data crunching, and ways to solve problems. These are key skills for dealing with tough issues and making smart choices as the justice system changes.

Each year, two awesome students get the Justice Scholars award. They are into helping people who’ve faced justice issues. As a Justice Scholar, making a big difference in your area and helping the criminal justice field improve is your goal.

Justice Scholars Program

At the program, you dive into exciting research, work with top teachers, and join in with others who have similar goals. The classes are all designed to get you ready to lead in justice jobs.

“Being a part of the Justice Scholars Program has been transformative. The unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience has prepared me to tackle real-world challenges in the criminal justice system.” – Jane Martinez, Justice Scholar

Program Highlights

  • Intensive coursework in research methodology, data analysis, and problem-solving techniques
  • Opportunities to engage in research projects addressing key justice-related issues
  • Mentorship and guidance from esteemed faculty members with extensive experience in the field
  • Access to state-of-the-art research facilities and resources
  • Networking opportunities with professionals and experts in justice-related professions

Joining the Justice Scholars Program arms you with needed skills to lead in making the justice system better and more just. No matter your goal – from law enforcement to making policies or being an advocate, this program will leap you forward.

Apply now to join the Justice Scholars Program at Criminology University and become a catalyst for positive change in metro Detroit’s justice system.

Program Benefits Program Requirements
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • In-depth understanding of justice research
  • Proficiency in data analysis and problem-solving techniques
  • Networking opportunities within the justice community
  • Commitment to justice-related profession
  • High academic achievement
  • Passion for making a positive impact
  • Ability to work with justice-impacted individuals

Chief Scholars Program

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Criminology University and the Detroit Police Department have teamed up. They offer the Chief Scholars Program. It keeps DPD officers updated on the newest in crime prevention, technology, and theory.

This program is special for Detroit Police Department officers. It helps them get better at their jobs in criminal justice. Officers get to learn about new crime prevention and tech. They also study criminological theory.

Officers learn through special courses, training, and research. This program gives them what they need to handle policing’s tough jobs today. They learn up-to-date research and practices.

The curriculum is wide, covering many crime prevention areas. This includes community policing, tech in policing, and using evidence. Experienced teachers and professionals run sessions. They share what they know with the officers.

One big plus of the Chief Scholars Program is its focus on using what officers learn in real life. They can apply new knowledge directly to their work. This makes sure they understand and can use important strategies.


The program also helps officers work together and learn from each other. They get to meet and share ideas with other law enforcement professionals. This builds a community of learning together.

Being part of this program helps officers and the Detroit Police Department. They get better at their jobs. This improves how they work with the community. It makes their work more effective and efficient for everyone.

Graduate School Scholarships

Are you studying at Criminology University as a grad student? If so, you’re in luck. The Graduate School has lots of ways to help you financially. You can get assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships just for you.

Graduate School scholarships can be a big help. They reduce your money worries while studying. These scholarships cover part of your tuition. This makes focusing on your studies easier.

Assistantships are also a great option. They’re jobs where you help with teaching. In return, you get a salary and part of your tuition is paid. This way, you learn and earn while studying.

Then, there are fellowships. These are special awards based on your merit. They support your studies and offer extra perks. With a fellowship, you could get to do research or teach. They also help you meet new people and grow professionally.

With these opportunities, studying at the Graduate School becomes more manageable. You can focus on learning and doing research without financial stress. They give you what you need to succeed in criminology and criminal justice.

Scholarships for Criminology Majors

Are you majoring in criminology? If so, there are many scholarships out there to help you. Schools like Washington State University and the University of Northern Iowa offer them. These scholarships make it easier to afford college.

The process to apply for scholarships is simple. You might need a good GPA for some. Others look at your financial situation or want an essay. Always check what each scholarship needs.


Organizations like the American Association of Criminology also give scholarships. They want to help students who are eager to improve criminology.

Getting a scholarship for criminology helps in more ways than one. It lessens money worries and lets you put more effort into your studies. You can also join more clubs and do research, diving deeper into criminology.

These scholarships offer chances to grow personally and professionally. They let you follow your dreams in criminology without a huge financial strain.


“Receiving a scholarship for my criminology studies has been life-changing. It has not only relieved the financial burden but also provided me with the resources and support to excel in my field. I am grateful for the opportunities it has presented and the connections I have made through this prestigious scholarship.”

– John Smith, Criminology Scholar

Benefits of Criminology Scholarships

Criminology scholarships help students a lot. They reduce the money you need for college. This way, the cost of going to school isn’t as heavy on you.

Holding a bachelor’s degree means you’ll earn more over your life. In fact, you can make 87% more than someone with only a high school diploma. A criminology scholarship boosts your chance of making more money in the future. It supports you to aim higher.

“Receiving a criminology scholarship not only reduces your financial investment in your education but also opens doors to greater career opportunities and higher earnings potential.”

Don’t let finances stop you from getting a degree. Criminology scholarships can cover your college costs. With this help, you can do well in school without worrying about money.

Reduced Financial Investment

Getting a criminology scholarship means spending less from your pocket. It can pay for your tuition, books, and more. This kind of help makes your college journey smoother for you and your family.

Increase Lifetime Earnings

Choosing higher education means you could earn more over time. With a bachelor’s degree, you’re set to make better salaries. A criminology scholarship paves the way for a brighter financial future and exciting job prospects.

Lower College Expenses

College costs a lot, from tuition to your dorm and supplies. Criminology scholarships are there to help. They lower your expenses, giving you more reason to focus on doing well in school.

To sum up, criminology scholarships come with many perks. They cut down your costs, boost your potential earnings, and lessen the stress of paying for college. These opportunities let you concentrate on your studies and prepare for a rewarding career in criminology.

Importance of Choosing a Major


Choosing your major is vital for your time in college. It decides the path you’ll take in your future job. If you love studying crime, understanding people’s actions, and helping your community stay safer, criminology could be your perfect fit.

Majors like criminology can lead to many scholarships. This financial help makes college more affordable. These scholarships are for students studying criminology and related topics.

By majoring in criminology, you qualify for scholarships. They help with your money worries and let you focus on learning. This way, you can fully enjoy studying criminology.

Reducing the Financial Burden

College is costly, but scholarships can lower these costs. Choosing criminology as your major opens up these scholarship doors.

These scholarships can help pay for your tuition, books, and more. This support reduces stress and lets you enjoy college life. You can also do extracurriculars or internships.

The Criminology Scholarship Program is one such scholarship. It helps students who excel academically and are passionate about criminology.

Unlocking Career Opportunities

Choosing criminology doesn’t just offer scholarships. It also boosts your career options. With a criminology degree, you learn skills in analyzing crime, helping victims, and stopping crime.

After graduating, careers in law enforcement, helping victims, or doing research become possible. Your criminology degree prepares you for a job where you can truly make a difference.

Remember, your major shapes your career future. By choosing criminology, you step into a field that touches on law, psychology, and sociology.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria Amount
Criminology Scholarship Program Academic excellence and commitment to criminology $5,000
John Smith Criminology Scholarship Maintain a 3.0 GPA and demonstrate financial need $2,500
Women in Criminology Scholarship Females pursuing a degree in criminology $3,000

There are plenty of scholarships for criminology students. Don’t miss these chances to ease the financial load of college.

“Deciding on a major matches your interests with your career dreams. By picking criminology, you open doors to scholarships and a fulfilling job in the criminal justice field.” – Dr. Jane Johnson, Department Chair of Criminology

If criminology sparks your interest and you want to have a positive impact, it’s a smart major choice. It leads you to both scholarships and exciting career opportunities.

Overview of Criminology University’s Programs

Criminology University offers many academic programs on crime and criminal justice. These aim to give students broad knowledge and skills related to crime and how to prevent it.

Academic Programs

The university’s programs cover many fields, like criminology, forensic science, psychology, and sociology. Students can choose what interests them most and become experts in that area.


In the criminology programs, students get to pick from special areas. This includes:

  • Forensic Science: Learning about investigating crime scenes and analyzing evidence scientifically.
  • Psychology: Studying why people commit crimes and how to assess criminals.
  • Sociology: Looking into how society’s structures and processes connect to crime and deviance.

Hands-On Learning

Learning by doing is stressed at Criminology University. Students go through internships, field work, and research projects. This way, they get real-world experience and skills relevant to the justice system.

Collaborative Environment

The university promotes working together, with activities like group projects. This method boosts learning, critical thinking, and the sharing of ideas among students.

Faculty Expertise

The university’s faculty are professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge. They use their industry insight and research to teach. This gives students important guidance and learning.

If you’re enthusiastic about criminology and criminal justice, the programs at Criminology University are ideal. They prepare you well for careers in areas like law enforcement, forensics, research, or policy.

Advancing Careers in Criminology

A degree in criminology leads to many career paths. Graduates can have meaningful jobs in the criminal justice sector. Let’s look at some cool options for your career.

1. Victim Advocacy

Helping crime victims is key in the justice system. As a victim advocate, you would support and guide victims. This includes explaining their rights and linking them to needed services. Your work as a victim advocate can help in seeking justice and supporting healing.

2. Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a big issue in today’s world. Specializing in cybercrime allows you to work with various entities. You might help prevent or investigate cybercrimes to keep both people and businesses safe online.

3. Corrections

Graduates can also work in corrections, such as prisons or parole offices. Your job would involve helping former inmates adjust back into society. Focusing on rehabilitation can lower crime rates and make communities safer.

4. Crime Analysis

Understanding crime is vital for its prevention. A job in crime analysis could have you looking at data to spot crime patterns. Your findings would help law enforcement better use their resources and plan how to fight crime.

5. Criminological Theory

Knowing the theories behind crime can lead to work in research. You could work in schools, think tanks, or with researchers. Your work would help to find ways to stop crimes before they happen.

Your criminology degree can lead to a fulfilling career in many areas. Think about what you like and explore the choices open to you.

Now you see the many ways a criminology degree can take you. It’s also important to pick the right major and see the advantages of studying criminology at a good university.

Pursuing a Criminology Degree at Criminology University

If you love criminology and want to help change the justice system, Criminology University is for you. We have degrees that fit your goals, whether you’re beginning or looking to advance. Our programs will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Criminology University knows you’re busy. That’s why we offer online programs. You can study criminology at your own pace from anywhere. These online courses match the quality of our in-person classes.

Ready to dive deeper into criminology with a master’s program? Our focus is on detailed knowledge and hands-on training. You’ll study topics like victimology and forensic psychology. Our teachers are leaders in their fields and will help you reach your career dreams.

You’ll get to use the latest resources and high-tech facilities as a student. We go beyond the classroom, offering internships and practical training. This prepares you for the real challenges of the justice system.

A criminology degree from our university opens many career paths. Whether you aim to be in law enforcement, help victims, or do research, we prepare you. We want our students to lead and make positive changes in the justice world.

Join Criminology University for a life-changing educational journey. It will prepare you to leave your mark in criminology and criminal justice. We’re excited to welcome you.


Criminology University’s scholarship programs are a golden chance for those keen on a criminology path. These grants provide financial help, easing the college expense burden. This support opens the door to a future in criminology and criminal justice.

Criminology University has many study paths and focus areas. It equips you for several job options. Whether you want to prevent crime, work in justice restoration, or study criminal actions, this university helps you succeed.

Choosing a criminology education at Criminology University, with the aid of scholarships, is a wise move. It paves the way for a meaningful career. You can help better the lives of those impacted by crime. Start your journey to a safer society now.

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